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Our Vision

To ensure that Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham (LSL) are places where people with multiple needs are effectively supported to move from dependence and isolation, to independence and engagement; with homes, jobs and meaningful relationships.

Our project will focus on the most chaotic people with multiple complex needs in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham who currently incur high costs with very poor outcomes.

Overall aim of the project:

We aim to demonstrate that user led choice is cost effective and delivers better outcomes for people with multiple needs.

Our programme is bold, radical and ambitious, with system transformation at the heart of its delivery.

Our key aims are:

  1. Improved Outcomes: We aim to demonstrate how our transformational delivery model developed over eight years, can improve outcomes for people with multiple needs over an eight year programme.
  2. A Personalised Approach - access to Individual Budgets: We aim to evidence how a personalised approach through the use of individual budgets for the hardest and most marginalised of client groups is cheaper and more effective than the current system of silo spending and eligibility criteria that exclude them from appropriate mainstream services and funnels them toward expensive crisis care.
  3. Development of a robust Business case: We aim to make the case for investing differently in services for people with the most complex and multiple needs.
  4. Shared Learning and Prototyping: We will share our learning and offer system and service redesign options that transform future local investment. We will also provide a prototype business model for application to other groups, such as older people, where high costs at the point of crisis makes the case for reinvestment in prevention.

How we will achieve this?

We will:

  1. Set-up a highly skilled operational team that will ensure positive outcomes and interventions for a group of people who have long histories of need and using services within LSL.
  2. Develop a model of co-production. We will set-up and develop a network of strategic partners, commissioners, practitioners and users to collaborate over the 8 years to drive forward system transformation.
  3. Produce a robust, replicable local business transformation plan developed over 8 years, evidencing the cost benefits of sustained investment in preventative services.