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Lambeth, Southwark and
Lewisham Partnership

Resolving Chaos CIC was the lead agency and accountable body for the Big Lottery Funded Fulfilling Lives programme in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham.

The strategic decision making is shared with a Core Strategic Group of partner agencies and our operational decision making is led by an Operational Group made up of the service delivery agencies from the Core Strategic Group, the chair of Expert Service User Reference Group also sits on both the Core Strategic Group and the Operational Group.

Membership of the Core Strategic Group and Operational Group is reviewed on an annual basis.

Representatives from other local community and expert agencies are also consulted and given the opportunity to be involved on delivering on the project as appropriate. A large number of local agencies through a variety of local events and meetings are regularly consulted.

Core Strategic Group

The Role of the Core Strategic Group

The Core Strategic Group (CSG) brings together the Voluntary Sector, Local Authorities, Health Providers, and service user representatives for the purpose of the development, implementation and oversight of the Fulfilling Lives: Supporting People with Multiple and Complex Needs Programme Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham.

The Lead Agency was Resolving Chaos CIC who acted as the Accountable Body for the BIG Lottery grant. The CSG is responsible for the strategic delivery of the LSL Programme. The CSG will collaborate and commit to working together in order to achieve the overall objectives of the Partnership. Its primary role is to oversee the strategic direction, implementation, management and delivery of the Programme.

The Membership for the Core Strategic Group is as follows:

Director of Mental Health- Certitude,   Director of Operations- Thames Reach, Head of Addictions - South London and Maudsley NHS Trust, Chair - Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group, Community Safety Partnership Manager - Southwark Council, Lead Commissioner, Integrated Commissioning- Lambeth Council, Senior Commissioning Manager - Lewisham Council, Expert Service User Reference Group Lead and Head of Programme, You First.