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Islington gains Resolving Chaos insights

The London Borough of Islington has praised Resolving Chaos after the community interest company helped the council analyse how people with multiple needs were supported.

Islington commisssioned Resolving Chaos to look at how people with multiple needs interact with services and considering where responses could be improved and costs saved across the system.

This project was rooted in consultation, understanding the differing patterns of needs identified throughout the borough, barriers in achieving improved outcomes, opportunities to prevent needs escalating and how we can use data better to achieve improved outcomes at reduced cost. 

The work involved economics, including highlighting the costs currently incurred across the system through pen pictures, based upon our consultation, in addition we built a cost calculator to allow staff to record ongoing interactions with the Council and quantify cost, as well as analysing the frequency and learning regarding high cost interactions.  The project also undertook a literature review highlighting national good practice, which we hope will be of use to Islington when considering potential models of joint working, service models or commissioning opportunities.

As a result of the work undertaken, we were able to recommend a series of measures, where we believe changes to commissioning and service delivery can lead to improved outcomes for individuals, reducing total expenditure across the system.