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Manifesto survey story

Help write our London election multiple needs manifesto Resolving Chaos is gathering views for a manifesto of policy requests that we will ask London mayoral and assembly candidates to sign up to.

We particularly want people with multiple needs and those that work with them to fill in our very short survey so that we can reflect their views to future decision makers.

In May Londoners go to the polls to elect a new mayor and the Greater London assembly members who hold them to account. Together they are responsible for policing, transport, housing and health policies. With an annual budget of £17 billion and direct control of the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London the mayor has a big effect on the lives of Londoners including those with multiple needs. People with multiple needs are individuals with a combination of challenges often including housing, mental health, substance misuse and offending. Too often people facing these challenges circulate from one expensive crisis service to another. Stays in police cells, hospital emergency departments, crisis mental health suites and emergency housing can become an unhealthy and costly cycle. Resolving Chaos was established to demonstrate that by empowering people with the right support and personal budgets quality of life can be improved and reliance on expensive crisis services can be reduced. Fulfilling Lives Nationally, Fulfilling Lives is an eight-year Big Lottery Fund investment of up to £112 million into 12 local programmes. These programmes are aimed at finding new and better ways of supporting people with multiple needs. In 2014 Resolving Chaos led a successful partnership bid to deliver Fulfilling Lives in the London boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham (LSL). The local partnership is made up of the three local authorities, Certitude, Thamesreach, St Giles Trust and the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. The LSL programme is testing whether supporting people with multiple needs to choose their own services leads to better outcomes and is cheaper than the current system. The programme, now in its second year: - Identifies high cost service-users who experience poor outcome

- Supports them with a multi-disciplinary team, You First, who help them use an individual budget to access a wider range of services

- Records the improvement in the beneficiary’s standard of living and reduction in service use

Manifesto Having worked with lots of people with multiple needs Resolving Chaos has seen how these individuals can be better supported and empowered to improve the quality of their lives and reduce costs. To further that aim we are working with our beneficiaries and those who support them to come up with some ideas for London 2016 election. Now we want to hear from you so please take the survey and publicise it. We will launch the manifesto at City Hall on 10 March.