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Economic case making

Working with central and local government, NHS, emergency services, academia and charity partners we analyse needs and costs, to support service improvements and enable better use of resources. 

The information below outlines information about what we can offer; however as each project will have different needs and require an individual approach, we encourage interested parties to contact us to discuss potential projects.

We are pleased to offer the involvement of the London School of Economics’ Personal Social Services Unit to our work, who play a key role in shaping economic projects’ design, as well as undertaking technical statistical and economic research.

Analysis of existing service outcomes and costs

What is the service and how will you benefit?

Our cost benefit diagnostic and analytical service evaluation will review existing service design, outcomes and costs. We will track the services currently being used and the true cost across a partnership, to enable us to then work with you to plan how services can be reconfigured, to produce better outcomes for a range of stakeholders.

Who is the service for?

Our service is ideal for local strategic commissioners. It will also be useful if you wish to enhance your understanding of how your service’s resources are currently being used and outcomes achieved.

What is included?

  • A data audit to review all relevant outcome indicators and identify any gaps in performance intelligence.
  • An outcome review to establish a comprehensive baseline covering performance, outcomes, redistributed costs and effectiveness of the services being delivered.

value for money assessment of existing service provision focusing on costs, benefits and potential areas for efficiency savings. 

Investment Strategies

What is the service and how will you benefit?

This element of our Economic Case-making service involves the development of an Investment Strategy. Informed by value for money assessment, the Investment Strategy advises how to maximise the opportunities and outcomes from current and future investment. This includes specific investment and intervention recommendations – over the short and medium term.

Who is the service for?

This service is ideal for local strategic commissioners. The service will also be of interest to you if you need to make the economic case for a new service or innovation within an existing service.

What is included?

  • scenario based analysis, based on the implementation of a new service and associated improved outcomes to quantify potential benefits and cost savings.
  • An Investment Options paper which sets out a range of potential options for how future investment could be used to maximise value for local communities. It will also highlight how you can respond to future economic and social demands.