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What we do

People with multiple needs often lead chaotic lives, which can be costly to public services. At Resolving Chaos we work with commissioners and providers to help identify people with multiple needs – and to make an economic case for commissioning the right support services to help them.

We are not a prime provider, nor a collaborative of provider services, which means are perfectly placed to offer neutral, highly effective solutions for all.

We collaborate with commissioners and providers to:

  • Identify specific, high cost individuals with multiple needs who either have poor outcomes or are barred from services.
  • Help identify groups of people experiencing common problems.
  • Calculate the cost of the services used by the identified groups.
  • Demonstrate the total cost to local, regional and national commissioners.
  • Identify and locate services that can achieve better outcomes for less money.

We support commissioners and providers in a variety of ways, including:

  • Helping commissioners to select the best support services based on economic analysis and proven design models.
  • Providing tools, including the Chaos Index, which highlight the needs, outcome and cost benefits of services for people with multiple needs.
  • Finding funding opportunities and helping commissioners and providers to make a case for local funding so that we can improve services.
  • Delivering management support and training to help providers monitor outcomes, cost benefits and quality standards. 

Want to see how these theories are put into practice? Take a look at our current projects and case studies to see how we’re changing lives across London.